INDIANAPOLIS — After a two-day trial, a jury found Dashawn Williams guilty of shooting and killing a 19-year-old after the two met up via social media in order to sell a gun.

Dashawn Williams, 21, is convicted of murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury. He faces between 45 to 65 years in prison on the murder charge alone. He’s set to be sentenced on Dec. 1, 2022.

According to court documents, officers located 19-year-old Michael Williams on Oct. 27, 2020, sitting inside a vehicle crashed into a treeline in the 3600 block of Lawnview Lane. Michael Williams had a gunshot wound to his head and his foot was still on the gas pedal.

Court documents reveal that Michael’s mother told investigators that her son had received two calls before leaving the house. Investigators determined Dashawn Williams was the last person to contact Michael, messaging him about a meetup in order to purchase a gun from him.

Court documents state that Dashawn Williams texted Michael an address for the meetup and surveillance footage shows both vehicles arriving at the location. Dashawn can reportedly be seen exiting an SUV and entering Michael’s car.

Dashawn then exits the car but returns shortly later. Two other individuals reportedly can be seen joining Dashawn at the window where a brief struggle is followed by a gunshot. All three individuals then enter the SUV and flee the scene.

Court documents reveal that Dashawn Williams was ultimately identified through social media records. During an interview with investigators, Dashawn reportedly confessed to having planned to rob Michael of his gun. He also reportedly admitted to the brief altercation prior to the shooting.

Nathaniel Williams, 19, was also arrested in connection to the murder but was found not gulty during a jury trial earlier this year.

“Young people participating in gun transactions via social media are being seen on a far-too-consistent basis,” Prosecutor Mears stated.

“The knowledge of the presence of a deadly weapon during an interaction raises tensions and increases the likelihood of an incident turning deadly. This verdict reflects justice, but a mother has lost her son due to an incident involving the unnecessary presence of firearms.”