INDIANAPOLIS — The search is underway for the person who hit and killed a woman on Indy’s south side Wednesday morning.

The crash happened just before 11 a.m. in the 3000 block of S. Rural Street, not far from E. Troy Avenue. The victim, 29-year-old Kayla Bowling, was riding her bicycle not far from her home, when someone hit her and left her to die.

“A piece of me was lost,” said Kayla’s dad, Robert Bowling.

Kayla’s family described her as full of joy and someone who was constantly laughing her way through life.

“She was a loving girl, she loved people, she loved her son,” said Robert. “She was a giggler. Everything was funny to her. She would always tell everybody ‘you’re nuts, you’re nuts,’ it was just the way she was.”

Robert said one of his daughter’s favorite things to do was to ride bikes with her 4-year-old son.

“She loved riding bikes, which he has quite a few. We would go on little trips with her, on their bicycles, and they did a lot of walking together,” Robert shared.

Although he could talk about his love for his daughter all day, Robert finds himself at a loss for words when he tries to explain the pain he feels after she was ripped away from their family — from her son.

“Just numb,” said Robert. “I just can’t believe it.”

Tire marks are imprinted in the grass, leading to the area in a driveway off S. Rural St. where the victim and her bicycle were found. She wasn’t in the road at the time she was found. Neighbor Lisa Roach was home at the time of the crash. She said she heard a noise and when she looked out her window, saw Kayla laying in the driveway and ran out.

“She was moving around a lot, and I said please stay still I don’t know where you’re hurt, and I’m going to run back in to grab my phone,” said Roach. “I was like, there’s no way I’m leaving her. No way.”

Roach knew she would need to be on the phone calling 911 and wanted to make sure someone was there to talk to Kayla and make sure she knew she wasn’t alone, so her 15-year-old granddaughter came with her.

“I wanted my granddaughter to kind of let her see that somebody was there,” said Roach.

“I was trying to comfort her and let her know that everything would be okay, help is on the way, and that you know, that I’m sure she had family that loves her, that I would not leave her, I would stay right there with her until someone got there,” Roach said.

As she talked about the devastating scene that unfolded near her home Wednesday, Roach began to get emotional. As a mom and grandmother herself, this hits even closer to home.

“If this was one of my children I would hope, you know, that someone would stay with them. It was just hard to watch her, just you know, breathe her last breath,” said Roach.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Kayla was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where she was pronounced dead.

Roach, who has spoken with Kayla’s family since the crash, said she hopes they can find a small amount of comfort in knowing that it doesn’t appear she was in pain during her final moments. Still, she is having a hard time fathoming how anyone could hit a person and leave them.

“I hope that they do, you know, they do find whoever did this and I’m sorry to say, but they get what they deserve,” said Roach. “That’s a monster to me.”

“To the person who did it, you know you did it. You need to man up or woman up, whoever you may be and you need to turn yourself in,” said Robert. “What you did was wrong. What you did was even worse when you left her laying.”

An arrest might not bring healing to Kayla’s family right away, or ever, but Robert said at least the person who did this to her would be paying for what they did.

“There is no words for it; it is what it is. You’re just gonna have to heal from it. I don’t know if I ever will,” said Robert.

IMPD said the investigation is still in its early stages and active. Right now, there are no suspect or vehicle descriptions available and no arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is being asked by investigators to call Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS.