INDIANAPOLIS — A minor has been arrested after reportedly stealing a Kia and leading police on a miles long chase.

According to court documents, officers were dispatched Wednesday at approximately 6 p.m. to the 5700 block of Lee Rd. on a report of suspicious person. The caller stated that they were working when they noticed a male attempting to gain entry into two separate vehicles. The male reportedly did gain entry to a Kia Soul and drove off.

Police spotted the Kia Soul a mile from the original location and attempted to pull the vehicle over by activating emergency lights but the occupant failed to yield which led police on a chase.

The car, which was carrying one passenger, was going 45 mph in their attempt to escape. During the chase, the driver turned into a locked gate that led to a large pile of rocks. The driver drove up the rocks and eventually fled the vehicle

Now on foot, the officers heard leaves shuffling and branches breaking which led them to travel in that direction. However, they were unable to locate the driver.

The 16-year-old juvenile who stayed in the car was charged with attempted auto theft, auto theft, and unauthorized entry of a motorized vehicle.