MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — A child pornography case with a connection to the Delphi double-murder case is a step closer to trial.

The hearing this morning was at the Miami County Courthouse, while defendant Kegan Kline attended through a video link from the county jail where he is being held.

Kline faces 25 charges, most of which are Possession of Child Pornography and Child Exploitation.

During the brief hearing, Judge Timothy Spahr granted a prosecution motion to amend 18 of the charges. Defense Attorney Andrew Achey did not object to the changes.

Jury selection for Kline’s trial is set for May 10th, 2023.

One key part of the case is an online alias, ‘anthony_shots’, that Kline allegedly used to solicit pictures from underage girls. Among the girls who communicated with ‘anthony_shots’ was Delphi murder victim Libby German.

Richard Allen was arrested and charged with the killings of German and Abby Williams. But while Carroll County Prosecutor Nicholas McLeland says he believed there may still be another suspect at large, at no time as Kline been identified as a person of interest.