KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. – Nearly two weeks after emergency responders revived a couple using naloxone, prosecutors filed charges against them.

Brandi Drake, 33, and Jason Boles, 39 are each charged with three Level 6 felony counts of neglect of a dependent, possession of a narcotic drug and unlawful possession of a syringe.

Around 4:40 p.m. on April 14, Knightstown police were dispatched to a home on West County Line Road South after both were found unconscious; police immediately suspected a drug overdose. They found Drake lying in a bedroom; her breathing was labored although she had a pulse. An initial dose of naloxone nasal spray was ineffective, according to court documents.

After the Knightstown Fire Department arrived, the responding officer found Boles at the foot of the bed in a different bedroom. His breathing was also labored, and he had a light pulse. The officer went to his car for more naloxone but couldn’t find any.

More first responders arrived. They gave Drake and Boles additional doses of naloxone and provided additional life-saving measures that allowed both to regain consciousness.

Four male juveniles lived at the home. Investigators said the house “appeared to be very filthy with trash everywhere,” adding that “these living conditions were not acceptable for children,” according to court documents.

During their initial investigation, police discovered a white/gray powder substance that tested positive for fentanyl. It appeared Drake and Boles had been snorting the substance, which “was in direct reach of all of the children,” police said. One of the children slept in the bed where police found the fentanyl; investigators also found a baggie of the material and a syringe in the room.

The children told police Drake had gone into the bedroom to grab some clothes when they found her lying on her back with a dresser on top of her. The children moved the dresser off her and then found Boles unresponsive in the couple’s bedroom before calling 911.

The children were placed into the care of family members, police said.

Initial hearings for Drake and Boles are scheduled for May 11 in Henry County.