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KOKOMO, Ind. — A Kokomo man is under arrest and facing 24 counts of child molestation.

Geremy D. Miller, 45, was arrested on Tuesday morning where he’s being held on 24 child molestation-related felony charges.

According to court documents, the alleged molestations stretch back to 2008 and involve multiple victims.

Police confirmed a report regarding child molestation was filed against Miller in 2013, but the victim told police nothing ever came of it. The victim reapproached police in April after allegedly recording Miller admitting to molesting children.

According to one of the victim’s accounts, Miller began grooming the child in Third Grade and then began abusing the victim in Fourth Grade. The abuse escalated over the years, according to the victim, until Miller allegedly had intercourse with the victim in Sixth Grade.

The molesting allegedly continued until the victim was a freshman in high school, which is when Miller was reported to police in 2013.

Court records reveal that the victim told police that Miller threatened harm if they ever spoke out about the sexual abuse.

According to the documents, Miller admitted to molesting children on a phone call that the victim recorded. Several people were on the call and the recording was reportedly around an hour long.

Miller also reportedly admits to physical abuse and of setting a house on fire during the recorded call.

A close family member told police that Miller has had “violent tendencies” in the past and admitted to not feeling safe due to Miller’s access to firearms, documents state.

Police were reportedly called to Miller’s home on Golden Gate Way on April 2 due to him making comments about wanting to harm himself. Officers reported that Miller said his family left him and that if they weren’t around he didn’t “want to be around either.”

According to documents, this incident was after Miller admitted on the recorded call to the molestations. The next day, on April 3, the victims reached out to police.