KOKOMO, Ind. — Kokomo police on Friday released photos of a car they believe to have been involved in the burglary and arson of a business in hopes that it will lead to an arrest.

The Kokomo Police Department said a white sedan — possibly a Toyota — was caught on surveillance video between 11:50 p.m. on December 27 and 12:30 a.m. on December 28 at the Averhealth drug testing facility at 303 North Main Street.

The car is seen entering the rear parking lot. Moments later, movement is observed within the business, police said. After several minutes, the suspect exits the building through a back window and slowly drives around to the front of the building. The suspect then drives to the parking lot across the street from the Averhealth and sits inside the car for a short time, KPD said.

It then leaves, heads west on Mulberry Street and parks at Mulberry and Main Street. The suspect exits the car, walks to the front of Averhealth, peers through the glass window and walks back to the vehicle. The sedan was last seen driving south on Buckeye Street, per police.

Police believe the suspect stayed in the area after the burglary — in which an undisclosed amount of money was taken — to see the building catch fire after it was intentionally set. The fire was contained and extinguished before the Kokomo Fire Department could respond, KPD added.

Anyone with footage of the downtown area that may have captured this suspect vehicle is asked to call KPD at 765-456-7017.