Lawrence Police hunt for two men in armed robbery of a Brinks employee at an ATM

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LAWRENCE, Ind. — The search is on for two men who Lawrence Police believe are responsible for an armed robbery at an ATM outside of a Chase Bank.

“They displayed that firearm, demanded cash,” explains Lawrence Police Deputy Chief Gary Woodruff.

It happened around 10 am Friday morning at the corner of 42nd Street and Franklin Road. A Brinks employee was refilling the ATM when two men approached him. Police say at least one of the men was armed with a gun. They demanded the employee hand over the cash, and he complied.

“Pretty brazen act to go after a Brinks messenger who was servicing an ATM,” adds Woodruff, “The two individuals escaped on foot into a vehicle that we are uncertain of the vehicle description they escaped in. We are very thankful that nobody was hurt in this situation. It could have gone a lot worse if the circumstances have been a little bit different.”

Area businesses we spoke with are surprised by the incident, and say there has been a real push to make the area better.

“I feel like society has just lost contact of being good humans and human nature,” says Angela Corkwell, manager of the nearby Heidelberg Haus Cafe, “Lawrence has been working really hard to improve the area. Something like this happens, and it really sets you three steps back.”

Lawrence Police are reviewing surveillance footage in the area, and looking for any leads. If you were at the bank on Friday morning and witnessed the incident, police urge you to come forward with any information.

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