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LAWRENCE, Ind. (Dec. 31, 2015) – A Waffle House in Lawrence has been robbed for the fourth time since August.

The latest robbery happened around 4:30 a.m. Thursday at the restaurant in the 7200 block of Pendleton Pike. The suspect claimed he was armed but didn’t display any weapons before taking money and leaving.

The same location was also robbed on Nov. 18 and Dec. 15. In those cases, two armed men entered the store and took money, stealing an undisclosed amount of cash in each incident. Lawrence Police are investigating if any of the robberies are connected. Police said the Nov. and Dec. robberies showed similarities.

“They’re stealing the register drawers in a couple of the cases. In some of them, they’re just taking the cash out of the drawers,” Lawrence Police Cpt. Gary Woodruff said.

According to a police report, two suspects went inside the Waffle House and robbed the location on Aug. 14.

Police said suspects are likely targeting the Waffle House on Pendleton Pike because of the easy access and the restaurants late night hours.

“As far as up an down Pendleton Pike, we haven’t had any similar robberies to this. It kind of seems to be unique to the Waffle House there,” explained Cpt. Woodruff.

The continuous robberies are both concerning and frustrating to police. They’re working overtime to catch the suspects before the crimes escalate.

“We’re very used to catching people who commit robberies in the act. We’re good at that, so there’s almost a sense of indignation by our officers that we want to catch these guys,” Cpt. Woodruff said.

Police are looking through surveillance video. They’re also asking the public to help them identify any suspects. Each robbery, police said no vehicle description was reported. If you saw anything, police are asking for you to report information to CrimeStoppers at 262-TIPS.