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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Local pastors are helping the families of the victims in the recent murders of four young people  cover funeral expenses. The suddenness of the deaths like this can catch families in a bind without insurance.

“I don’t fault anyone,” Pastor Ronald Covington said. “Parents don’t plan on burying their young children. A lot of them don’t think about insurance when they’re that young.”

Covington leads the Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. His congregation is taking up a special offering for the services of Jalen Roberts and Marcel Wills. One of Roberts’ family members attends church there, according to Covington.

“It’s hard enough, the pain from losing a child but then it just adds to it when you don’t have those finances,” Covington empathized. “And, the burden of trying to find the means to bury your child, it just adds something to it.”

The visitation is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. with the funeral to follow on Thursday, Feb. 20. Covington said this will be a time for family and other young people who knew them to begin the grieving process.

“Allow time to mourn,” Covington said of this journey. “Don’t keep it inside, don’t keep it inside. That hurts.”

There will be people on hand to help counsel grieving friends and family. The services are open to the public.

“A lot of the young people who will be devastated and we have to have some of our people here also to kind of talk to them,” Covington said.

We are still working to confirm the service dates and times for Kimari Hunt and Braxton Ford.