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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — According to court records, a man accused of charging toward an officer with a knife as police responded to a domestic disturbance on May 31 is out on bond.

Documents say Judge Jennifer Harrison lowered Curtis Walker‘s bond from $80,000 surety to $2,000 cash on August 4. The bond was paid later that same day.

Court records do not mention GPS monitoring.

Walker is facing two counts of attempted murder and domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon. These charges are related to an officer-involved shooting in May.

This case is a continuation of FOX59’s investigation into suspects being released from the Marion County Jail on low bonds. Just this week, we reported Marcus Garvin‘s bond was lowered from $30,000 surety to $1,500 and he was released.

Garvin was charged in the stabbing of a gas station customer in December. He is now charged with the July murder and dismemberment of his girlfriend.

We will stay on top of this story, and continue investigating the criminal justice system in Marion County.

Rick Snyder, President of the Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police, has called for state and local officials to review and take any corrective action necessary in regard to pre-trial release and GPS monitoring. Snyder released this statement Saturday night:

“Our Police Officers and their families are horrified to learn of the details regarding the inexplicable (98%) reduction in bond and subsequent release of another suspected violent offender. Last week, our FOP held a press conference calling for Local and State Action regarding the pattern of bond reductions and releases of other suspected violent offenders who were subsequently arrested for crimes of murder. We have now learned the Marion Courts were in the process (during the press conference) of lowering the bond of a separate suspect who had been arrested and charged with Attempt Murder of a Police Officer in June. As a result, another suspected violent offender has been put back on the streets of Indy’s neighborhoods as the Revolving Door of Criminal Justice continues to spin in Marion County.
We call upon the Marion County Prosecutor to immediately share any objections they made on the record with the Court regarding this hearing and to outline the steps they took to notify the IMPD Chief’s Office and the involved officers of this decision by the Court. We will have much more to say in the coming days. INDY Deserves Better!”

Rick Snyder, President, Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police

Original Report

IMPD said just before 5 a.m. on May 31, a domestic disturbance was reported between male and female with a knife involved near Colorado Ave. and E. Washington St.

Dispatchers reported the level of violence was escalating as the man could be heard telling the woman was going to kill her. IMPD said officers arrived and indicated they heard a female screaming inside of the residence.

Officers made clear and loud announcements identifying themselves as police officers and ordering everyone inside the house to exit. Police entered the home shortly after, and the man — later identified as 35-year-old Curtis Walker — emerged from a room and charged towards one officer with a knife in his hand, according to police.

“Officers were confronted by a male who charged the officers with a knife in a rapid and aggressive manner,” said IMPD Officer William Young.

IMPD said two officers fired shots, and Walker was stuck multiple times. Medics were already on the scene and immediately rendered aid.

Police said the knife was recovered at the scene, and multiple officers had active body cameras.

Other family members were reported to be in the residence. No other injuries were reported, and there were no small children in the home, police said.

The officers involved were placed on administrative leave, per standard procedure.

IMPD Chief Randal Taylor believes that the officers responded appropriately.

“Once again, we see that officers of the IMPD often respond to situations when their lives are put in danger,” said Taylor. “Hopefully the community understands that officers have a difficult job, but they respond well.”

Taylor added that IMPD’s body cams were well worth the investment but said there will be discussions with the prosecutor’s office before releasing footage.

Monday afternoon, IMPD confirmed an officer was taken to a local hospital and has since been released after sustaining “injuries related to a bullet strike to his ballistic vest as a result of crossfire from another IMPD officer.”

Walker was placed under arrest for attempted murder (2 counts), domestic battery with a deadly weapon and battery with a deadly weapon. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will make the final decision on charges.