INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man is behind bars after being arrested for murder following a deadly shooting outside a funeral service over the weekend.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) arrested Stefen Lowe, 35 for his alleged involvement.

Multiple witnesses told police the suspect shot and killed his ex-wife’s new husband.

Police say the suspect showed up uninvited to a funeral at the Oasis of Hope Baptist Church on Saturday and killed 42-year-old Alan Jermaine Turman.

Turman’s wife shared a picture of the pair together, but said she was too busy planning her husband’s funeral to talk on camera Monday.  She did confirm the funeral on Saturday was being held for her mother.

Approved picture of Alan Jermain Turman and his wife Shannon

The affidavit explains the suspect is Shannon’s ex-husband who allegedly shot her new husband after being asked to leave the funeral.

“Domestic violence isn’t just behind closed doors.  It bleeds into our community.  It makes our community an unsafe place,” said Kelly McBride with the Domestic Violence Network.

McBride says it’s not uncommon for domestic violence to take place in public locations, in this case a funeral with multiple eye witnesses.

“When a perpetrator of domestic violence decides they’re going to murder their ex-spouse, they don’t care who else is there,” said McBride.

According to court records, there was a long history of abuse involving the suspect prior to the killing.

Court records show Shannon and Lowe got divorced in February, following several years of domestic abuse which resulted in criminal charges and a protective order being filed against Lowe.

After investigating the scene, police detained Lowe in the 7500 block of Harcourt Road.   After being arrested for the murder, police say the suspect asked for an attorney are refused to talk about the deadly domestic incident.

“This is a community issue.  It does not just affect two people in a relationship, but it bleeds into our community,” said McBride.  “This is why it’s so important as a community issue, we have to get in front of this.  We have to talk about domestic violence.”

The suspect is being held without bond at the Marion County jail pending the filing of formal charges.