RICHMOND, Ind. — A man was charged with rape after he reportedly performed sexual acts on a patient at a Wayne County hospital while she was unconscious after a procedure.

According to court documents, filed earlier this month in Wayne County, 21-year-old Lars Nelson was charged with one count of rape, a Level 3 felony, in relation to the incident, which reportedly occurred on Oct. 31.

On Nov. 1, officials said in the documents that a patient told a staff member at the hospital that a visitor had sexually assaulted her on Oct. 31. The staff member then called law enforcement.

When police arrived, the patient told the officer that she had a procedure that required her to be under anesthesia. That night, she was given nighttime medication, which caused her to go to sleep. At some point during the evening, the patient told police she woke up to “an uncomfortable feeling inside of her [genitals].”

When she woke up, she saw a man, who she identified as Nelson, at the foot of her bed sexually assaulting her. The documents said that at no point did the patient consent to this and she did not know how long Nelson had been doing the sexual act. The patient told police she told Nelson to stop, but because of the medication she was on, she was unable to stay awake. The patient said she was not sure if Nelson stopped or not.

The patient told police that she confronted Nelson about the incident. The documents stated that Nelson reportedly told the patient that he “f—ed up” and that he [digitally penetrated] her and performed oral sex on her.

In an interview with police, Nelson reportedly told them that he touched the patient sexually. Nelson said that he knew she was not awake at the time of the incident, but stressed that when she told him to stop, he did.

“(Nelson) stated that she has consented to sexual acts in the past, but, in this case, he knew what he was doing was wrong because it was in the hospital,” the documents said. “(Nelson) stated that he did it because his ‘head was horny and (he) knew that she’s let me do it before so (he) figured she’d let (him) do it then.’ (The officer) reminded (Nelson) that she was unconscious… (and) he replied, ‘That’s the reason why I did it.”

Nelson reportedly told police he had remorse for his actions and if he could redo everything, he would not do it again.

According to court documents, Nelson’s pretrial conference is scheduled for Jan. 8, 2024, and his jury trial is scheduled for Feb. 6, 2024.