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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis man died over the weekend after spending 44 days in the hospital following a shooting at an apartment complex on Indy’s near northeast side.

The deadly shooting took place six weeks ago at Blackburn Terrace, where some neighbors are frustrated by the ongoing violence.

In late May, a triple shooting on Brouse Avenue left three people wounded. Stray bullets riddled nearby apartments, tearing through an innocent family’s window.

“We shouldn’t have to live in fear like that,” said Catarino Cummings. “It makes me angry, it really does.”

The very next week, police were called back to the same street a hundred yards away on June 4 and found a 41-year-old man shot. That victim, Eric Buchanan, was rushed to the hospital where he survived for six weeks. His passing turned the case into a homicide.

“I mean, I’m not being funny. They need to close this place down if they’re not going to stop the violence.  This is too much,” said Cummings.

Cummings’ family didn’t know Buchanan, but they urged the community to speak up and help police catch his killer because that would make the community at least a little safer.

“For the people who sit back and look out their windows and see what’s going on and don’t say nothing, you’re just as guilty as someone shooting someone down in the street, plain and simple. If you live here and you’re not saying nothing, you’re guilty. It’s your fault too because you’re not saying nothing,” said Nathan Lampley.

While the reason for Buchanan’s murder remains unclear, neighbors are clearly tired of people using guns to resolve their differences.

“It’s stupid. They feel like they need pick up a gun to be a man, instead of using fists to solve their problems. They need to read a book or something. It’s irritating,” said Cummings.

Police did not provide any information on a possible suspect in the homicide, but anyone with information on the case is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.