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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are continuing to investigate after a man was found shot to death inside an apartment stairwell on Indianapolis’ near northwest side.

That death marked the second killing at the same complex in the last two years.

Just before 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded to the Woods at Oak Crossing apartments near 38th and Kessler and found a man shot and killed in the stairwell outside a vacant apartment.

“Yeah that definitely hits home, and I want to tell whoever that mom is that I’m so sorry,” said Wendy McIntosh.

McIntosh doesn’t know the man killed overnight, but she does understand the pain his family is feeling because in April of 2020, at the same apartment complex, her son Rayshawn was shot to death.

Picture of Rayshawn McIntosh killed in April 2020

“Honestly, the pain in indescribable. You wake up every day thinking about your child,” said Wendy.

Court records show just last week, Rayshawn’s killer, 19-year-old Keyaunte Rutledge, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter resulting in the murder charge being dismissed. Against Wendy’s wishes, the killer was sentenced to less than 10 years behind bars followed by home detention.

“To me it doesn’t serve us any justice,” said Wendy. “He’s not getting any type of punishment if you ask me.”

Following the killing overnight, police said a second person showed up to a local hospital suffering from a gunshot wound. Police did not specify if that person was a victim or a suspect in the shooting but asked for the public’s help.

“We solve these crimes with help from the public. Without their help, they are difficult if not impossible to solve,” said IMPD captain Don Weilhammer.

IMPD said the apartment where the shooting took place had been broken into, and broken glass could be seen in the front and back.

Still, whatever the motive for that violence, Wendy prays everyone would settle conflicts without gunfire.

“I do wish that people would learn to put the guns down and find other ways to deal with things,” said Wendy.

Police have not announced any arrests from the overnight homicide. Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact either IMPD’s homicide office or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.