INDIANAPOLIS – A judge sentenced an Indianapolis man to 50 years for murdering his friend and coworker.

Ron-Ricco Duncan’s sentence included 48 years in the Indiana Department of Correction and 2 years of probation.

A jury found Duncan guilty of felony murder and attempted robbery in April.

Gerald Beamon, 18, was found dead inside a vacant apartment in the 3200 block of N. Ruckle Street after his family reported him missing in March 2019. Duncan reportedly had an unloaded handgun and intended to sell it. The two were last seen walking toward the apartment; witnesses reported hearing gunshots within 30 minutes of their meeting.

Family members called Beamon to check on him. He didn’t answer his phone, but a text message was sent from the phone that indicated Beamon was okay. He never returned home, though, and was found face down with multiple shell casings around his body, according to court documents.

The two had communicated via social media before the deadly shooting. Duncan told investigators he and Beamon had been friends since high school and had worked together at a local restaurant.

While Duncan’s account of what happened to Beamon had several inconsistencies, he did tell investigators he’d help set up a robbery involving Beamon.

According to court records, Duncan plans to appeal the sentence.