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INDIANAPOLIS — With five weeks left in the year, Indianapolis has now tied its all-time homicide record that was set last year. 

So far this year, 245 people have been killed in the city. The latest killing happened early this morning at an apartment complex on the city’s northwest side.

Shortly before two o’clock this morning, officers were called out to the George apartment complex on reports of shots fired. 

“People inside who were in the residence heard several shots fired, went outside and located an adult male,” Genae Cook with IMPD said.

The man was pronounced dead on scene and officially tied the city’s homicide record.

“You know people have to understand that you have to learn how to communicate with each other and you cannot communicate by using a weapon,” Cook said. ” If you’re having problems with someone and you need help communicating, reach out to someone else. Reach out to someone that can be impartial and fair to each person involved and try to resolve this so that it does not come to terms with a situation where it becomes an incident where somebody has to lose their life.” 

The city’s homicide numbers are also a major source of frustration for Rev. James Jackson at the Fervent Prayer Church. He says he’s not surprised that it’s gotten to this point.

“We still haven’t spent enough time and resources to fix the criminal justice system in Marion county,” Rev. Jackson said. “If we don’t fix it we’re going to continue to see what we’re seeing.”

Rev. Jackson says violent offenders are being released on bail when they don’t belong back on the streets. He went on to say that too many of them don’t think twice about pulling the trigger. 

“There’s a lot of cold people out in our community who do not value or respect the lives of other people. They have no problem terminating a human life,” Jackson said. “Do not kill people, it’s a simple message, it’s very old but do not kill people.”

Rev. Jackson says he believes the only way to get this problem under control is with collaborative efforts and getting more guns off the streets. 

“We have so many guns available in our community. No matter how many guns we collect and destroy there are more guns,” Jackson said. “I think we have to harden the target; the target is people, and we have to make it harder for people to kill people.”

Cook says they will need the community’s help to solve this crime and encouraged anyone who saw anything or knows anything to come forward.

“We’ve showed numerous times throughout this year of how we’re working together, and how every time that we’ve worked together, it’s become a successful investigation and we’ve been able to put the violent offender behind bars,” Cook said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to give CrimeStoppers a call at (317) 262-TIPS.