WESTFIELD, Ind. — Carey Tavern in Westfield shut down four hours early last Friday after witnesses say a woman showed signs of being drugged.

“When you’re at the bar, you know, at any capacity, you see a lot of people who are drunk and you’re used to that kind of speech pattern,” said Westfield resident Austin Smith. “Hers just seemed a little bit more dazed and confused than normal. Like she really wasn’t sure what was going on.”

Smith said he and several friends come to Carey Tavern every Friday for karaoke night. However, he said Friday, April 15 was not a typical night.

Smith claims he approached the bar to grab another drink when a woman started talking to him. He said she appeared to be dazed and confused and could not answer his questions about who she arrived with.

“And that just really didn’t sit right with me,” said Smith. ” I think something’s really wrong here.”

Smith said he ordered his drink and sat back down with friends when suddenly the woman became unresponsive.

“It was scary for all of us – staff included,” said Tyler Mendenhall, a manager with Carey Tavern. “Myself and the two bartenders that night combined have probably about 50 years [worth of experience] in this industry, and we haven’t seen anything like that.”

Mendenhall said several witnesses approached bartenders to alert them of their suspicions. He said within minutes his staff cut the music, turned on all the lights, and began pulling drinks.

“For safety reasons, we don’t want anybody in here that’s possibly still here doing that. So lights on, drinks gone, everybody out,” said Mendenhall.

Mendenhall said the tavern closed four hours early when medics arrived and took the woman away in an ambulance. Meanwhile, he said he was in the back showing police what surveillance cameras were able to capture.

“And I can tell you from watching the tapes that it was about 11 minutes from the time she took a shot that had been tampered with to the time she started showing signs,” said Mendenhall. “And from the time she took that shot to the time she was in an ambulance was 20 minutes.”

Mendenhall claims security cameras show a man order a shot when the alleged victim steps away to go to the bathroom. He said the suspect can be seen moving the drinks off to the side, covering one with his hand, and handing it to the woman 20 minutes after she returns.

“I mean, I had no idea it happened that quick. If I didn’t see it on video, I wouldn’t have believed it myself because it was that quick,” said Mendenhall.

“I think now if I talk to somebody in the same condition, I would probably react differently as opposed to just thinking that maybe they’ve had a few too many to drink,” said Smith who was one of the first to call 911.

Mendenhall said the security footage has been turned over to the Westfield Police Department. Investigators declined an interview due to the ongoing investigation.

Both managers and witnesses said the alleged victim had been at the bar for less than two hours. They now want to warn others to be vigilant and speak up if they feel something is off.

“This could happen at any bar. It could have been any other bar in Westfield. It could have been in Carmel or Fishers or really anywhere,” said Smith. “I mean, it happened right in front of all of us and nobody noticed.”