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INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has announced charges against seven people in connection to five Indianapolis homicides.

The charges stem from homicides from March 1 to April 30.

Jalen Frierson

Murder of Eric Preer

Murder charges were filed on May 1 against Jalen Frierson and Hakeem Jackson in the shooting death of Eric Preer on April 23.

Hakeem Jackson

Family says the 31-year-old was gunned down while working at a smoke shop on College Avenue to help support his two young daughters and his mother, who has terminal cancer.

According to court documents, Jalen Frierson walked into the shop to commit a robbery and shot Preer without warning, while Hakeem Jackson stood as lookout.

Frierson and Jackson were also charged with robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.

David Villanueva

Murder of Tyvon Moore

David Villanueva was charged with murder on May 2 in connection to the April 25 shooting death of 19-year-old Tyvon Moore.

Moore was found on N. Gray Street at around 5:30 a.m. with at least one gunshot wound. He died at the hospital hours later.

According to police, witnesses inside the home on Gray Street named 19-year-old David Villanueva as the killer. Police say he shot Moore after an argument.

Murder of Bobbie Hill

Eric Futrell

On May 2, Eric Futrell was charged with the murder of his stepfather 74-year-old Bobbie Hill.

Court documents claim Futrell fatally stabbed Hill on April 30 at Hill’s home in Lawrence.

Investigators say Futrell rang the doorbell and immediately started stabbing Hill when he answered the door.

A family member identified Futrell as the attacker, and police were granted a search warrant to obtain DNA and blood evidence from him.

Murder of Dai-Ghia Hogan

Jason Rhea

The prosecutor’s office has charged Jason Rhea for the fatal shooting of 21-year-old Dai-Ghia Hogan, whose body was found along I-70 on March 1.

Police say Rhea was spotted on surveillance camera leaving the Motor 8 Inn at 3731 N. Shadeland Avenue with Hogan hours before her death.

Investigators later searched Rhea’s home and found a gun matching the brand of casing found at the scene along I-70. The gun was then tested for DNA, and results found “very strong support” for Rhea being a contributor to the DNA.

Hogan’s death was especially devastating since the family lost another daughter and granddaughter to a car crash in May of 2021.

Murder of Jahmal Houston

Anthony Spearmon

Murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury charges were filed against Anthony Spearmon and Comfort Glass for the deadly robbery of Jahmal Houston on April 22.

Comfort Glass

The prosecutor’s office did not specify the suspects’ ages, but IMPD did identify them as 16 and 17 years old.

Police said 19-year-old Jahmal Houston was found in a residential area near 10th and Tibbs suffering from at least one gunshot wound on April 22. He died at the hospital.

According to court documents, Houston died after a car with at least five people pulled up in front of his home. Houston was standing behind a friend who had a gun and was talking to someone on the passenger side, when that person took his gun. Someone in the back seat then reportedly fired a gun, shooting Houston in the chest and penetrating both lungs.

Mears’ statement

Prosecutor Ryan Mears credited witness cooperation for leading to charges being filed.

“We have seen unprecedented levels of support from the community in these investigations. Witness cooperation leads to stronger investigations, quicker arrests, and puts prosecutors in a better position to hold individuals accountable,” said Mears.

“Additionally, the use of forensic firearm examinations has positively impacted our ability to prosecute cases and hold shooters accountable. Since January 2022, the prosecutor’s office has resolved 22 murder cases with a 90% conviction rate.”