INDIANAPOLIS — A “minor dispute” between family members led to a fight and escalated to a deadly shootout on the east side of Indianapolis, Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears announced Monday.

Joshua Peyton, age 30, is accused of killing his relative, 26-year-old Anthony Higginson Jr. Authorities have not said how they’re related.

At around 6 a.m. on July 5, police were called to the 3600 block of North Grant Avenue, near 38th Street and Sherman Drive.

Court documents show that officers arrived to find Higginson Jr. just inside a home suffering from six gunshot wounds. Officers rendered aid until medics arrived and took Higginson Jr. to Methodist Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 7:12 a.m.

Police found Peyton outside leaning against a car with gunshot wounds to his leg and arm, documents state. Peyton was taken to Eskenazi Hospital, and his condition was described as “serious.” An officer went to the hospital and asked Peyton if he would like to give a statement, but Peyton advised he would rather wait for his attorney.

Marion Co. prosecutor: 'Minor dispute' led to deadly shootout between family members
Joshua Peyton

Documents say that a witness saw the incident and told police what happened. The witness said they were sleeping when they heard Higginson Jr. and Peyton arguing in the backyard. The witness said they told Higginson Jr. to quiet down and let the argument go. Peyton was told to go out front and wait for his Uber ride.

The witness went on to tell police that Higginson Jr. continued the argument in the front yard, and a physical fight broke out. Per court documents, police found video from a house across the street that captured the altercation. It showed that during the fight, Higginson Jr. separated from Peyton and just stood in the yard. Peyton slipped in the yard, got up, immediately drew his gun and fired at Higginson Jr.

Higginson Jr. fell to the ground, where he rotated his body and drew his gun, firing at Peyton, who
ran away. Higginson Jr. got up, walked to a home and fell just inside the door.

Police said several fired rounds were exchanged between both parties. One of the bullets struck a Cadillac in a driveway, and several hit a tree in a front yard.

The witness further stated, in part, “since they…passed this law now…that’s the dumbest thing they can do there’s enough killing and shooting already now you don’t even have to have a permit to carry a gun that’s crazy,” noted court documents.

Peyton was arrested, and Prosecutor Mears officially charged him with murder on Monday.

“We continue to see young people inserting firearms into simple disputes and it resulting in tragic consequences with ripple effects that last far beyond that split-second decision,” said Mears. “In just an instant, one family is suffering from the loss of two young men and a neighborhood is littered with bullets because of a minor dispute.”