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DARLINGTON, Ind. – A Montgomery County mother who police say admitted to killing her two young children before trying to kill herself has been formally charged with two counts of murder.

Police say Brandi Worley called 911 around 4:30 a.m. Thursday and said she killed her two children and stabbed herself in the neck. Tyler Worley, 7, and Charlee Worley, 3, were killed in their bedroom.

According to court documents, officers found Worley sitting on her couch when they arrived at the home. Both of the children were found partially covered with blankets with multiple deep puncture wounds to their necks. A Kabar-style combat knife was found in the bedroom.

Officers spoke with Worley, who said her husband was divorcing her and was going to take the children.

“I did not want him taking them, so I stabbed them,” she said, according to court documents.

Police asked her again why she killed her children.

“I did not want him to take my kids,” she replied. “I just wanted to die with them.”

The children’s father, Jason Worley, was sleeping in the basement at the time of the killing. He told officers he and Brandi were having marital problems and had filed for divorce on Nov. 16. Later that day, he attended a dance practice with Charlee and Brandi. After the practice, they returned home.

Later in the evening, Brandi went to Crawfordsville to do some shopping. Jason said he was awakened in the early morning hours to hear his mother-in-law screaming.

As he came up the stairs from the basement, Brandi said to him, “now you can’t take the kids from me.”

Brandi Worley is in police custody but not yet in jail.

The community is collecting donations for Tyler and Charlee’s funeral expenses.

If you want to help you can mail a check to the Congregational Christian Church, located at 101 Academy Street in Darlington, Indiana 47940.

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