More than a dozen shot, at least 3 stabbed during violent weekend in Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS — Across the city from early Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon, more than a dozen people were injured in shootings and stabbings, including several people who were killed.

The violence pushed the number of homicides in Indianapolis to at least 150 people killed in 2021, less than 100 shy of the record-breaking total the city endured in 2020.

Over the weekend, at least 13 people were injured and two others killed in shootings, while at least two people were injured, and a third was killed in stabbings. Much of the violence occurred during the overnight hours into Saturday and Sunday.

“Folks have got to understand and learn how to resolve conflict without picking up a firearm or stabbing someone or using some sort of violence against a person,” said William Young, public information officer for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Young continued, “Not only are you hurting that family, but you’re hurting your own family because we’re going to hold you responsible and accountable if you unjustifiably hurt someone.”

Overnight Friday into Saturday, IMPD responded to at least eight people shot and three stabbed between the hours of midnight and 9:30 a.m., including a triple shooting that left one person dead and two others injured on the city’s near east side, and a deadly stabbing less than 30 minutes after that.

The shooting occurred in the 500 block of East Michigan Street outside the Rural Inn liquor store around 1:30 a.m. Saturday. IMPD said officers located three men who had been shot, including one person who was pronounced dead at the scene. The other two victims were taken to area hospitals with serious injuries.

Minutes later, just before 2 a.m., IMPD responded to the 10500 block of East 37th Street for a report of a person stabbed.

According to IMPD, when officers arrived, they found a man suffering from injuries related to a stabbing. Medics also responded to the scene, but IMPD says the victim was pronounced dead a short time later. He was identified as 48-year-old Joseph Trammell.

The overnight violence started again, just before 2 a.m. on Sunday.

Officers responded to reports of shots being fired near the area of Guilford Avenue and Broad Ripple Avenue. IMPD said there were also special events officers in the area, who were working the bar scene at the same time.

Young said officers located two women suffering from gunshot wounds, who were taken to area hospitals, where they were listed as stable. Minutes later, police responded to another report of shots fired in the area, and located a man a few blocks away who had been grazed by a bullet.

It isn’t clear whether the two incidents are connected.

It was busy in the area when the shooting occurred and Young said these types of incidents can put innocent bystanders in danger.

“Always live by the motto, once you pull that trigger, you can’t get that bullet back,” he said.

“We want everyone, whether you’re in Broad Ripple, whether you’re in downtown, no matter what part of the Circle City you’re in, we want you to be safe, we want you to have a good time but gun violence is not the answer,” said Young.

Cheryl Whitfield said she didn’t hear about the shooting until Sunday afternoon but was surprised when she learned the news.

“That’s not typical of this area so I’m hoping that with the community partnership that something can be done to resolve the violence,” said Whitfield, a lifelong Hoosier that grew up in Indianapolis.

“The amount of violence here in the city is concerning and I hope that IMPD can do something that to address this issue,” she continued.

“It’s a shame because there’s a lot of college students in this area, a lot of young people out driving, walking around. We shouldn’t have that,” said Simon Netznik. “I don’t think the shootings are representative of what this area is like typically. It’s always been a great place for my wife and I to hang out.”

Nate Purcell, general manager of Thieves, a cocktail lounge in Broad Ripple, said he has lived and worked in Broad Ripple since 2012 and agrees what happened Sunday morning doesn’t represent the area as a whole or what it’s typically like.

“I don’t think that’s indicative of what Broad Ripple is as a whole,” said Purcell.

Although Thieves was closed prior to the gunfire that left several injured, Purcell said he hopes this won’t have unintended consequences for the many small businesses and establishments that are right in the heart of Broad Ripple, though he knows it’s a possibility.

“It’s upsetting because we are a crowd-based business and bad things kind of turn good people away and it’s kind of, you know, you just wonder ‘will business suffer?’ I hate to see that for any and all of us,” Purcell shared.

“Bad things happen all the time, but they’re few and far between and it’s strength in numbers. If good people keep coming out, then the bad people won’t have room to sit down,” he said. “If you’re going to come to a retail district, come to spend money, don’t come to hang out in the streets and cause trouble.”

FOX59 reached out to the Broad Ripple Village Association (BVRA) regarding the shooting Sunday morning.

Summer Keown, executive director of the BVRA shared, “We are, obviously, very concerned about the incident that occurred last night in Broad Ripple. With the public safety issues that have occurred across the city this summer, we are in regular communication with IMPD and city representatives to advocate for more safety measures in and around Broad Ripple.”

Keown said last month, the association held a meeting for their late-night business representatives with IMPD and the Prosecutor’s Office to discuss the trends the city is seeing and what measures businesses can take to try and help with public safety.

She said although the incident was unrelated to businesses in the area, they will continue to advocate for public safety in Broad Ripple and keep those lines of communication open. Keown also shared the following:

While we can look at crime statistics and see that they show Broad Ripple is a safe community, we also know that any incident is one too many. IMPD has a dedicated presence on the weekends in Broad Ripple and when the few incidents have occurred, officers have been close by and quick to respond. Many of our late-night businesses also hire off-duty police officers to assist with security. Thousands of individuals enjoy a night out safely in Broad Ripple every weekend, and we intend to ensure that they can continue to come out and enjoy everything that we have to offer.

Summer Keown, executive director, Broad Ripple Village Association

Just after 2 a.m., several minutes after multiple people were struck by gunfire in Broad Ripple, officers were called to the 7600 block of Moller Road for a report of a person shot. When officers arrived at that location, they weren’t able to find a victim, IMPD said.

Minutes later, officers were called a few blocks south to the Pike Township Fire Department in the 4800 block of West 71st Street, where police said a man arrived, suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene by medics. He was identified as 23-year-old Zachary Pettis.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Detective Stephen Smalley at the IMPD Homicide Office by calling 317-327-3475 or by e-mailing

Around 3:40 a.m., IMPD was called to the area of 30 East Georgia Street and found a person suffering from at least one gunshot wound, with injuries described as critical.

IMPD said, thanks to quick work between IMPD Downtown District officers, Indiana State Police troopers and a witness at the scene, an arrest was quickly made following the shooting.

According to IMPD, officers with the department where already in the area when they heard multiple gunshots and responded. As officers were checking the area, they found a person who had been shot.

A witness was able to identify 26-year-old Carnell Williams as the alleged suspect in the shooting. IMPD also said a gun found at the scene was believed to be used by Williams in the shooting.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will review the case and make a final charging decision.

Young said IMPD has had success with tips from the community in helping hold those allegedly doing crimes accountable and he encourages anyone with information to speak up.

FOX59 also reached out to the Mayor’s office for comment following the weekend violence.

The City, with the help of law enforcement and community partners, remains squarely focused on reducing violent crime in our neighborhoods. As we work to hold those who commit these acts of violence accountable, we encourage anyone with information about recent incidents to call Crime Stoppers at 317.262.TIPS.

Mark Bode, director of communications, City of Indianapolis

Police ask anyone with information on any specific incident from the weekend to call IMPD detectives at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.

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