LAWRENCE, Ind. — The mother of the man shot and killed by a Lawrence Police officer Thursday is looking for answers.

The Marion County Coroner’s Office confirmed the victim is 36-year-old Carlos Trotter. The coroner said his cause of death is a gunshot wound.

A viewer sent us a video of the scene. It showed police cars surrounding another car off Shadeland Ave. Officers with guns drawn are heard yelling “Get on the ground,” and “Stop reaching,” before a single gunshot cuts through the air.

Shirley said she found out later that day.

”He’s well mannered so I didn’t understand what happened,” she said.

Lawrence Police Deputy Chief Curtis Bigsbee said an officer spotted a white Nissan driving in Lawrence around 3 p.m. that had been reported stolen out of Indy earlier this month.

The driver, confirmed to be Carlos, pulled over at first but then sped off. He later let two people get out of his car and drove away from police again.

”He continue the chase, he went through the center of our city through Pendleton Pike,” Bigsbee said. Bigsbee said Lawrence PD are still reviewing if the chase complied with department guidelines.

The pursuit ended when the car crashed in the 3100 block of Shadeland Ave.

”The officers came in contact with the driver of the vehicle which at that time a weapon was found at the scene,” Bigsbee said.

Bigsbee would not say what the weapon was.

”A weapon was displayed in which the officers felt threatened at this moment and turned to take immediate action,” Bigsbee said.

Bigsbee would also not say how the weapon was displayed.

”I know he don’t got no gun, I know for sure he don’t go no gun,” Shirley said.

Only one officer fired a single shot. Trotter was taken to Eskenazi Hospital and died later on.

”I’ve been crying all night and all day,” Shirley said. “It’s just over and over and over, I’ve just been crying, can’t do nothing about it.”

Bigsbee said Lawrence Police will no be revealing the officer’s identity but said he is on administrative duties.

All Lawrence Police officers are outfitted with body warn cameras. Bigsbee said he has not seen body cam footage of the shooting but believes there is video.

”There were multiple officers there at the scene so I would assume that there would be officers with multiple body cameras that were there,” he said.

For Shirley Trotter, she is on a mission.

”I am coming for answers. I’m going to get it, I am,” she said.

Carlos would have turned 37 on November 1.

Bigsbee said the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.