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BEECH GROVE, Ind. — For the first time, the family of a Beech Grove man shot to death inside his apartment last week is speaking out about the killing.

Inside his home at the Beech Meadow apartments last week, a young man sitting on his couch was ambushed and shot repeatedly by someone he considered a friend.

“It has been a nightmare and I don’t wish this on any parent at all,” said the victim’s mother Brandi Becker.

Brandi’s 21-year-old son Alexander Bohman died on the scene.

Family-approved photo of Alexander Bohman

The victim and the suspect are former friends and roommates.

Police claim Jackson Porter, who had moved out of the apartment he shared with Bohman just a few weeks before the killing, called 911 and confessed to shooting a man he had been friends with since high school.

“I trusted Jackson. All the family knew Jackson. They were very close,” said Becker. “I never expected this in a million years. Never.”

Booking photo of Jackson Porter

The suspect remains behind bars at the Marion County Jail on a preliminary charge of murder.

Porter was set to make his initial court hearing Tuesday, but prosecutors were granted a 72-hour continuance.

According to the affidavit, Porter told police he bought the gun and some hollow point ammunition three hours before the killing, then went to the apartment and watched YouTube with the victim.

Porter then allegedly told police he went to the bathroom and put in earplugs because “guns are loud.”

Porter said that he came out of the bathroom and pointed the gun at Bohman, who was sitting on the couch in the front living room

“I will not sell drugs for you anymore.”

What Porter told police he said before shooting

Porter said he shot him Bohman “a bunch of times.” Porter then said he reloaded his gun and shot Bohman 2-3 more times in the face, specifically the left side of his head.

Police claim Porter told detectives Bohman had threatened him in the past, but had not made any threats leading up to the shooting.

“It was pointless,” Becker said. “It should have never happened. My son had a good life ahead of him.”

Other members of the victim’s family spoke about how the shooting affected their mother.

“It’s hurtful to see her going through all this,” said Vivian Becker, the victim’s stepsister. “She can’t eat or sleep. It’s terrible.”

For their part, Bohman’s family insists drugs were not the motive. They said they believe the violence stemmed from a dispute over money.

Neither Bohman nor Porter had any criminal history prior to the deadly shooting.

Brandi, who came to court Tuesday with other family members, said she hopes the accused killer spends the rest of his life behind bars.

“I will be here at every court hearing to make sure my son gets justice for a crime that was premeditated and should have never happened,” said Becker.

Porter will continue to be held without bond pending the filing of formal charges. He is due in court for his initial hearing on Friday.