MUNCIE, Ind. — Court records reveal that a Muncie man reportedly admitted to hitting a motorcyclist with his SUV on Friday and then fleeing the scene because he knew he’d be sent to jail if he stayed.

Anthony J. Mote, 54, is a longstanding habitual traffic violator who admitted to police to being behind the wheel at the time of the collision despite having his driver’s license suspended for life in 2005.

Anthony Mote

Court documents state that Mote was arrested less than 10 minutes after he fled the accident — which occurred at the intersection of Memorial and Kathy drives at approximately 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 4 — thanks to a witness who tailed Mote’s SUV back to a residence in the 300 block of W. 10th Street.

Mote reportedly briefly went into the home before returning to his SUV to find police officers waiting to take him into custody.

Police said the motorcyclist suffered a serious head injury due to the crash that occurred next to Thomas Park. Police were not able to provide an update of the motorcyclist’s condition at the time of this report.

Court records reveal Mote’s extended history of driving violations stretches back over two decades. Since having his license suspended for life in 2005, Mote has continued to be caught behind the wheel: Once in 2010 for driving while drunk and endangering a person to another occurrence in 2018.