MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie man is facing battery and neglect charges after a doctor called authorities when she saw the bruises on a 6-month-old, court documents reveal.

Police arrested 22-year-old Jordan T. Storie on charges of battery on a juvenile and neglect of a dependent causing injury — both felonies.

On July 29, a doctor’s office called the Indiana Department of Child Services to report a baby with “significant bruising to his upper right arm that clearly appeared to be caused by someone grabbing and squeezing the arm,” documents state. An affidavit describes three clear marks from the fingers of what appeared to be an adult hand.

Officers from the Muncie Police Department responded to the doctor’s office. They saw the 6-month-old and spoke with the woman who brought him in.

The woman told officers she left the baby with Storie the night before while she went to the store. When she returned and exited her car, she could hear Storie screaming from inside their apartment on the second floor, the woman told police. The woman said Storie was coming down the stairs as she entered the apartment and left the baby crying in his crib upstairs. The child calmed down and appeared to be okay after she tended to him, the woman stated. She claimed she did not notice the bruises prior to the doctor’s appointment.

Court documents go on to say that police found Storie at a home in the 3400 block of South Juniper Lane. He agreed to come to the police department for an interview.

Police said Storie originally claimed that the bruises came from throwing the baby in the air and catching him firmly as he nearly dropped. But when an officer repeatedly asked about Storie’s frustrations the night before, he admitted that he “very quickly and firmly grabbed (redacted) out of his crib, and did squeeze his upper arms much harder than he should have,” documents state.

An officer also asked about nearly-healed bruises on the 6-month-old’s upper thigh area. Storie maintained that this happened about two weeks prior when he quickly caught the baby as he rolled off the couch, per court records. Storie told the officer that when he grabbed the baby from the crib, it was harder than when he grabbed him while rolling off the couch.

Documents state Storie admitted that he grabbed the child hard enough to bruise and possibly injure him. He also told police that he stayed up most of the night before playing video games and was extremely tired and irritable. Storie said he grew frustrated with the baby prior to grabbing him out of the crib.