MUNCIE, Ind. — After an 18-month-old child had to be given naloxone at the hospital, a Muncie mom was charged with neglect.

Charges were filed against Kelsey Lemon, 27, in Delaware County following an incident in April at a home on State Road 28.

Lemon called 911 to report her toddler was “acting strange, had a racing heart and appeared to be passing out.”

First responders were told the child may have gotten into Lemon’s medication and overdosed. They were also told the girl had been hit in the head by a door two days earlier.

In a probable cause affidavit, a sergeant with the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office said various medications were found throughout the kitchen and an upstairs bedroom. Some of the medications were lying out in the open and not in a bottle.

The sergeant further described the house as being in “disarray” with dirty diapers on various surfaces and mouse droppings in kitchen drawers.

The child was taken to a Muncie hospital where she was intubated due to her “declining” health.

Court documents indicate the girl “perked up” once she was given a dose of naloxone.

The girl tested positive for suboxone, a narcotic that had been prescribed to Lemon.

Lemon was charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury. She has two other pending cases in Delaware County for counts of battery and invasion of privacy.