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NEW CASTLE, Ind. – Just a few days before a convicted sex offender was supposed to get out of prison, he received additional charges after police say he sent sexually explicit letters to a 9-year-old.

Ronald Emery, 52, was first sentenced for child molesting in Benton County on July 22, 1996. He was then convicted once again for child molesting in Clinton County on May 10, 2000. He has spent the past 17 years behind bars at the New Castle Correctional Facility, and he was scheduled to be released this week.

But that is no longer happening.

Emery now faces additional charges after police say he managed to victimize a young girl in Lafayette while he was still behind bars.

According to court documents filed in Tippecanoe County, police received a report from DCS that Emery sent a 9-year-old girl sexually explicit letters from the New Castle Correctional Facility.

In the letter, Emery wrote among other things that “she was a sexy girl and being a little bad isn’t so terrible.”

The victim told police in an interview that Emery has sent her “more than 10 letters” from prison and she spoke with him on the phone several times. He asked her for photographs, and he even sent her photographs of himself, court docs show.

Emery was charged with vicarious sexual gratification, inappropriate communication with a child, being a habitual offender, and a being a repeat sexual offender.