INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana State Police has launched a new squad of six troopers and one supervisor who are using crime data to make Indianapolis a safer place to live. The squad is called All Crime Policing. 

”What we find is crime is often connected to other crime and criminals are often connected to other criminals,” said Sgt. John Perrine with Indiana State Police.

The squad says they dig deeper to find the root problem of major crime. 

“We get together and identify high crime areas and areas that need extra patrol,” said a member of All Crime Policing, Lim Chol.

Chol was selected to be a trooper for ACP. Beyond his day-to-day duties as a trooper, he’s using crime data to look for drugs, guns and serious violent crimes. 

“You have to put a lot of time and effort into it and just working together as a team.”

On Thursday, FOX59/CBS4 rode along with Chol and witnessed Chol pull over a driver for not wearing a seatbelt.

But later he will make proactive policing patrols where the data shows high crime hotspots. 

”We have been active for about two months. I have made a few arrests that deal with narcotics, stolen vehicles, stolen firearms,” said Chol.

ACP made 43 arrests within their first three weeks.

“The data that we are using does have results and some of the arrests we are making are people who have warrants. We are also seeing a lot of drug arrests. We are getting guns off the streets,” said Sgt. Perrine.

Just last week the squad was led on a pursuit by two teenagers in a stolen car. After ending in a crash, ACP troopers found a projectile launcher, guns, and ammunition. 

Fox 59 asked Trooper Chol about the scrutiny law enforcement has faced in recent years and picking up once again with recent events in Memphis.

“The majority of us police officers are here to make the community better and to make it a safer place,” said Trooper Chol.

“We want to see our community that we work at and live at safe. That is what we are here doing every day. I just hope that they can see that based off of our work product.”

All of the troopers on All Crime Policing were selected based on their backgrounds in law enforcement. This is one of many squads across the state.