INDIANAPOLIS — The Pike Township Fire Marshal and the Marion County Public Health Department placed notices on the front door of the N Zone Bar & Grill at 8311 North Michigan Road advising the owner and customers that the business was shut down until further notice after a violent weekend.

“At that location, we had a person shot and the Pike Township Fire Marshal issued a closure order because they did not have an entertainment permit from Indiana Homeland Security,” said IMPD Captain Chris Boomershine in the aftermath of an incident early Sunday morning in the parking lot outside the bar,

It was the second night in a row police were called to the same strip mall to investigate a shooting.

A day before, early Saturday morning, one person was shot several doors down from the bar after a party at the Highest You Studio and Event Center.

“This location does not have a liquor license,” said Boomershine. “We’re investigating what appears to be possibly an under 21 club that’s being operated there that night under the auspices of a birthday party where a person was shot.”

Permit inspections revealed both businesses were alleged to be in violation and will be shut down pending compliance or a hearing before the Marion County Alcohol Beverage Board.

Boomershine said police are being called more frequently to investigate violence at clubs, bars and events centers that are found to be in violation of their permits leading detectives to fight an uphill battle through state and local boards to shut them down permanently.

“We’re seeing a combination of what would appear to be properly licensed liquor establishments, overserving patrons, allowing minors inside, serving patrons, and then we have the pop-up events,” he said.  “We’ve gone to the Marion County local board and remonstrated against a number of liquor licenses, and in many instances, they are given a one-year renewal if there are violations or a two-year renewal. It’s rare that the local alcohol board denies a liquor license and then they obviously have at least two appeals with the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.”

A records search shows the Indiana ATC often modifies or overturns recommendations made at the local level.

Other business owners in the North Michigan Road strip mall said they sympathize with the bar and events center shut down by authorities, but insist everyone should follow the rules.

“If we do need to shut it down and try again to get the respected people in here and the right community and the right patrons, then I agree,” said Sierra Morgan at Millionhaire$ Barber Shop. “Additional security measures definitely need to be taken, necessary proper paperwork. If you have a liquor license, then you operate in that fashion. If you have a liquor license and an entertainment license, you operate in that fashion, but to do one without the other, you have to be aware that there is potential for a legal responsibility, which is where we’re in now, and for just chaos to erupt with us just not considering who we’re allowing in.”

Both sanctioned businesses will be given an opportunity to comply or appeal their permit suspensions to local or state authorities.