INDIANAPOLIS — An off-duty Indianapolis firefighter has been sentenced for attacking a former state lawmaker after a Colts game last year.

Thomas Gatto was charged with felony battery resulting in moderate injury and criminal recklessness after he shoved former Indiana state representative Pat Kiely to the ground near the Indiana Statehouse in September of 2021.

Witnesses said Gatto was angry because the then 69-year-old Kiely was riding with his son in a pedal cab that was blocking the sidewalk. Kiely’s son said a group Gatto was with was making fun of his father for being too old to walk and needing a cab.

Pictures included in court documents show that Kiely, now 71, banged up his knee and needed stitches to suture a cut on his face. Photos taken by a bystander and testimony from the pedal cab driver helped identify Gatto as the aggressor.

An Instagram story posted after the Colts game by Kasey Gatto, a woman in the group with Thomas, was also submitted to evidence. The photo was captioned: “GO HORSE! Side note-Don’t mess with us!” with a winking emoji and showed Gatto in the same shirt bystanders to the assault saw him wearing.

Witnesses also said Kasey Gatto was heard telling Thomas “we have to get out of here because people are calling 911” and that the two then walked away “at a fast pace”.

Last week, Gatto was sentenced to a suspended six-month jail sentence, non-reporting probation, and $8,500 in court fees for pleading guilty to a misdemeanor.

At the time of Gatto’s initial arrest, IFD immediately suspended him without pay for 30 days. After the suspension, he was placed on administrative assignment where he was not allowed to “respond in any capacity as an IFD firefighter to any location other than the administrative assignment to which he was placed,” IFD said.

As for Gatto’s current employment status, IFD sent the following statement on Sunday:

“As we have learned, the legal process regarding his case was resolved on November 10th with no pending felony charge. IFD will review our policies to see if additional discipline is warranted.  Pending that review and possible additional discipline, Private Gatto will return to active duty.”

Indianapolis Fire Department

IFD provided nothing further regarding their policy review or the additional discipline Gatto may face.