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The diagram is a hierarchical photo array of the subjects arrested, as well as those that remain at large.
The diagram is a hierarchical photo array of the subjects arrested, as well as those that remain at large.

UPDATE (Dec. 13, 2016): Telly Bluitt pleaded guilty to dealing in narcotics drugs and was sentenced to 14 years (9 in DOC, 5 suspended).

ANDERSON, Ind. (August 5, 2015) – Several law enforcement agencies from east central Indiana dismantled a heroin ring Wednesday. Officers served warrants on 21 people in Hamilton, Madison and Marion Counties

The sweep was the culmination of a year-long investigation initiated in Anderson during the summer of 2014.

Investigators uncovered a heroin distribution network that was being operated by Eddie Bluitt and his son Telly Bluitt. The network extended to multiple distributors and users of heroin in the Madison County area. The Bluitts were arrested in Indianapolis at 8 a.m.

Investigators gathered information supporting a belief that the Bluitts were distributing heroin to Delaware, Hamilton, Hancock, Henry, Johnson, Marion and Shelby counties.

Law enforcement officials began the day with the goal of arresting 24 people, all of whom had been implicated as serving in a variety of roles within the distribution ring. As of Wednesday afternoon, 21 of the 24 suspects were arrested.

The resulting collective charges include: Heroin Possession (Level 6 Felony), Dealing in a Narcotic Drug (Level 5 Felony), Dealing in a Narcotic Drug (Level 4 Felony), Dealing in a Narcotic Drug (Level 3 Felony), and Aiding, Inducing, or Causing Dealing in a Narcotic Drug (Level 3 Felony).

Anthony McCarter, 56, of Pendleton, was found to be in possession of heroin and a syringe at the time of his arrest, and he faces additional Level 6 felony charges.

Nicholas Floyd, 26, of Pendleton, has charges related to Possession of a Narcotic Drug pending in Hamilton County.

Brandon Hallowell and Austin Pettigrew, 24, of Anderson, also face additional charges related to the distribution of heroin in Hamilton County.

Outstanding warrants still exist for these people:

  • Brandon Hallowell (Level 4 Dealing a Narcotic Drug)
  • Keegan Collins (Level 6 Possession of a Narcotic Drug)
  • Emily Waters (Level 6 Possession of a Narcotic Drug)

As the investigation continues, investigators fully anticipate additional arrests in the near future.

The Madison County Drug Task Force asks that anyone having information regarding the arrests contact either Detective Keith Gaskill at 765-648-6657 or Officer Ryan Geer at 765-648-6762.

Anderson residents: Miana Peterson (24), Austin Pettigrew (24), Charlyn Vontress (27), Desiree Lewis (36), Daniel Tate (27), Stephen Bond (47), William McGuire (31), Kelly Hinkle (53), Timothy Yarberry (23), Emily Waters (25) Evan Hensley (27), Haylee Jo Wagner (25), Keegan Collins (24) and Lee Welch (38)

Ingalls Residents: Matthew Hurley (26) and Katherine Hilligoss (24)

Markleville Resident: Sara Joy (25)

Chesterfield Resident: Holly Boyer (36)

Pendleton Residents: Anthony McCarter (56) and Nicholas Floyd (26)