FAIRLAND, Ind. — A Cincinnati girls basketball coach was arrested on two felony charges after a large fight broke out last month that involved coaches and juvenile players assaulting basketball officials during a tournament held at Triton Central High School in Shelby County.

Laquita Carter, coach of the Cincinnati Indians Elite girls basketball team, was arrested on Friday in Cincinnati after a warrant was issued out of Shelby County Circuit Court. Carter is being held on felony charges of criminal confinement and battery and is expected to be extradited from Ohio to Shelby County Jail.

Booking photo of Laquita Carter

According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, deputies were called to the Triton High School gym on July 23 due to a fight breaking out that involved players, adults and basketball officials.

The fight occurred during a game between the Cincinnati Indians Elite and the DSP Heat of Owensboro, Kentucky. The game was part of a tournament held at Triton Central High School organized by Indiana US Amateur Basketball.

Court documents reveal that Carter was unhappy with how one of the referees was calling the game.

According to the documents, after the game ended prematurely due to a “rough play” committed by the Indian Elite players, Carter came up behind the referee and pinned her arms at her side allowing Carter’s 15-year-old son to run up and strike the referee in the face.

Carter reportedly continued to pin the referee’s arms and allow her son to strike victim without her being able to defend herself, according to the documents.

The court documents go on to state that Carter and players attacked and chased the basketball official around the court and even ripped her wig off the referee’s head at one point, causing her natural hair to also be ripped from her scalp.

Carter then is accused of tackling the referee to the ground and repeatedly striking her while basketball players joined in with punches and kicks on the victim.

The incident was caught on camera and school surveillance video, according to police findings.

The sheriff’s department said another official was also physically assaulted by both Cincinnati Indians Elite boy and girl players during the ordeal. The investigation into that assault is ongoing as the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department continues to work to identify the juvenile players.

Further investigation revealed that several curved monitors were also stolen out of a Triton HIgh School classroom during the tournament. The sheriff’s department said juvenile boy basketball players who were part of the tournament stole the monitors. The loss is estimated at $1,700.

Anyone with information about the fights or thefts during the tournament at Triton High School on July 23 is asked to contact Detective Joseph Mohr at (317) 398-6661.