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BROWN COUNTY, Ind. — After a several month-long investigation, pigs left in filthy conditions have been relocated. Several pig rescue organizations gathered in eastern Brown County to take more than 60 pigs to a place in Noblesville to get the pigs to a veterinarian, then get them healthy and eventually adopted. “We’re looking for forever homes, foster homes,” said Paula Davis, a coordinator with Indy Pig Rescue. “People who will take a pig, who have land.” Davis said she was contacted through social media about a month ago by the property owners who wanted help getting the pigs somewhere else to live. Roy Fish and Penney Carey each face charges of animal cruelty for leaving dead animals in living quarters with dozens of living animals. The pigs that were still alive have been in muddy living conditions for at least two years, according to Davis. “A lot of them don’t even have water bowls in their pens,” said Kate Yundt, president at Kanda Farm Sanctuary. “The only water they’re able to drink is this mud. They’re going to the bathroom in that mud and then drinking that same water.” Davis said she had to ask local authorities to take the pigs before they were slaughtered. Once she had permission, she worked with several other pig rescue groups to coordinate Monday’s rescue at the property.
The pigs were found to still be in poor living conditions. “I’ve never seen an animal live in this condition,” said Davis. “It’s broken my heart.” Kanda Farm Sanctuary now owns the pigs. The Warren County-based organization said pigs will get checked and treated for diseases. They’ll also be spayed or neutered. By Monday afternoon, some pigs were already released at their new Noblesville home, where they’ll stay until they’re adopted. The organizations are looking for help taking care of the pigs while they wait to be adopted. The Brown County Prosecutor’s Office said the couple facing animal charges are facing a jury trial that is scheduled to begin July 29.