GALVESTON, Ind. — The anthony_shots social media account that has been connected to the Delphi murder case was also part of an investigation into a peeping incident, according to recently uncovered transcripts.

Kegan Kline ran the anthony_shots account, and police said he used the account to solicit nude pictures of underage girls. Transcripts of an interview police did with Kline reveal that the account was interacting with Libby German the day she and Abby Williams were killed.

Those transcripts also reveal that a victim of a peeping incident was messaging with anthony_shots the day before she caught a man looking into her bedroom window.

A middle school age girl was exchanging messages with anthony_shots and was looking to “hook up” with the guy she thought was running that account.

Images of photos used by the anthony_shots profile.

According to the transcripts, the girl sent her address to anthony_shots. The day after, she was getting off the school bus when she spotted a guy in a ski mask peering in to her bedroom window.

The detective questioning Kline said data shows that the day before the peeping incident, his phone shows that he searched the girl’s family on Facebook.

The peeping incident happened just days after the Delphi murders. Kline denies that he was the person peering into the girl’s bedroom window.

“It doesn’t look to me like there’s proof for sure that he was the person peeping through the windows,” former FBI agent Doug Kouns said.

Kouns was an FBI agent for more than 20 years but has not worked on the Delphi case. He is now the CEO of Veracity IIR in Carmel.

“When you’re doing the investigation, you want the whole picture,” Kouns said. “You’re finding the pieces of the puzzle that you fill in, and it slowly comes together into something that you can recognize.”

Kouns said the transcripts have provided a lot of interesting information about what investigators know but much of that information is circumstantial. Even though Kline and his father, Tony Kline, have been on the radar of the Delphi investigators, the transcripts prove nothing.

“All the stuff is great, but you still need that key piece that you can take to court, and then all that will matter,” Kouns said.

Investigators eventually raided the Kline home in Peru nearly two weeks after the Delphi murders and the peeping incident. That raid led to numerous child pornography charges for Kegan.

Still, despite what transcripts show Kegan told a reporter, officials don’t know if his father had access to that anthony_shots account.

“It seems to me like there’s a lot of pieces around the periphery, but they’re still looking for that one that goes in the middle,” Kouns said.

Neither Kegan, nor his father, have been charged in connection to the Delphi murders. The child pornography charges appear to be Kegan’s first run-in with the law.

However, his father, Tony, whose real name is Jerry, was charged with battery resulting in injury in 2005 and felony theft in the late 90s, according to online court records.