INDIANAPOLIS – A teenager is in serious condition following a shooting on the east side of Indianapolis.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the shooting happened around 2 p.m. Sunday in the 4200 block of E. Washington Street.

Officers arrived to find a 15-year-old male inside a residence with injuries consistent with gunshot wounds. IMPD said the shooting victim was in serious condition.

Ann Jennings was sitting on the back porch of the house where she’s lived for 30 years on E. Washington Street, “and we heard what we thought was fireworks but as it turned out it sounded like three gunshots and we seen a young teenager running down the alley calling at us to tell us to tell the police that his brother was shot.”

When IMPD officers arrived in the alley north of the 4300 block of East Washington Street, they found at least six shell casings on the ground and three fresh bullet holes in the back of a house.

“I seen the ambulance people carry out a boy with a mask on, but he wasn’t the one we seen,” said Jennings.

Even for a typically quiet Sunday afternoon, Jennings said the sound of gunfire is a familiar one in her neighborhood.

“A lot of prostitution, lots of drugs, lots of shootings,” she said, “and a lot of it came from the filling station across the road. There’s a lot of shootings over there, too. It’s just bad. Anywhere you go it’s bad and it’s getting worse.”

A caller to police said the teens were headed to that convenience store across the street when the shooting occurred. Three hours later, IMPD was called back to the store on a report of two females fighting.

Citywide, as of last week, homicides were actually down in Indianapolis this year compared to last by 18% and non-fatal shootings were off 9.5%. Last year on this date, there had been 51 juveniles wounded in non-fatal shootings, a number the city passed a month ago.

Jennings said this is the hardest it’s ever been to live on East Washington Street.

“It’s always the kids. From what I’ve heard and seen it’s always the kids,” she said, “and these guns gotta go from these kids.”