HENRY COUNTY, Ind. — An Alabama man faces charges in Indiana after police say he threatened the 17-year-old mother of his child who moved to get away from him.

“I will ruin you.”

That was part of a text message conversation between 21-year-old Quar’Damien Riddle and a 17-year-old New Castle high schooler. The text message thread would end up getting Riddle arrested for intimidation, harassment and distribution of an intimate image.

A police report filed in the case states the New Castle Police Department learned about the threatening messages after being called by a New Castle High School counselor. While at the school, police learned from the girl that her family moved to New Castle to get away from Riddle. She said that there is a fight over a child that she had with Riddle.

The report states that the girl told police that Riddle said over the phone that he would come to her house and kill her. After getting permission from her parents, police started to go through her phone.

An investigation into messages the report indicates Riddle sent the girl also showed threats to send nude photos of the girl to teachers. The girl told police she believes Riddle sent one of her friends nude photos.

The document states that among the messages were arguments over Riddle not being able to see the girl’s child, accusing her of being with other people.

“On my son swear to God swear to God you can count your [expletive] days, you aint nothing but hoe swear,” the document indicates Riddle wrote the girl.

On Christmas Day, the document states Riddle told the girl that he is posting nude photos of her on social media sites. On January 5, the report indicates Riddle sent the girl a hotel reservation that he made in Anderson. With the reservation, he sent her a threat.

“See my son on Friday or Saturday you dead [expletive] and that [expletive] is too and mean ts on my soul,” the message reportedly reads. “When it comes to my child [redacted] ill smile for any mugshot.”

Police ended up finding Riddle at a restaurant in New Castle. The document states Riddle told police that he was there to meet someone to give them Christmas presents for the child.

The report states that Riddle initially denied ever threatening the girl, but later admitted to the threats, saying that he meant that she was “dead to him.”

When asked about the nude photos, the report states Riddle told police that he doesn’t know why he sent the photos to her but denied that he would send them to other people.

The report states Riddle told police the threats were related to him wanting to see the child. He claimed that he would never follow through with them.

A trial is set for April 17 in Henry County.