ANDERSON, Ind. – A probable cause affidavit detailed that an Anderson man fled police in a high-speed chase at more than 100 mph, killing two, so he could avoid arrest for an active warrant.

Police said on Oct. 15, just before noon officers got a hit from a Flock camera for a suspended driver. The officers were sitting at a nearby car wash off Water Street when they received the alert.

Officers then pulled up to the GMC truck to confirm the identity of the driver. When the light turned green, police proceeded to turn on their lights and attempt a traffic stop.

Court documents stated after turning on their lights and siren, the driver of the GMC, later identified as 35-year-old Brandon E. Teague took off.

Police then called out a “pursuit” to dispatch after learning Teague was wanted out of Grant County. Officers said they didn’t know what he was wanted for until later.

The warrant was for a serious violent felon in possession of a firearm.

According to the probable cause, Teague was driving at speeds hitting approximately 100 mph during the chase.

Scene of Anderson deadly crash on Oct. 15, 2023

At some points, Teague also began driving on the opposite side of traffic and back into the flow of traffic while reaching high speeds.

Police said they began to back off due to a high volume of traffic near MLK Blvd. After clearing the traffic, they continued pursuit and saw lots of smoke down the road. That’s when they saw Teague’s vehicle, drew their weapons and had him get out of the truck.

Teague was then arrested. Officers said he admitted to fleeing police because he had warrants and there was “a gun in the vehicle.”

The officers said they saw Teague had crashed and when they checked on the vehicles involved, two people were found deceased. The coroner’s office has not officially released the names of the victims.

Crash investigators said while Teague was driving at a high rate of speed, he disregarded a red light at an intersection and hit a Buick with the right of way traveling through the light. The Buick then collided with a Jeep that was stopped at the red light on the other side of the intersection.

The Buick continued eastbound when it hit a nearby building, stopping its progression. The occupants of that car were pronounced dead on the scene.

The Jeep had six total occupants including the driver. In total, four people went to the hospital for medical treatment.

On Oct. 16, a search warrant was granted for Teague’s vehicle and officers located a 9mm handgun in the car. Teague is prohibited from possessing a firearm due to a robbery conviction by a serious violent felon in 2012.

Police are awaiting blood draw results for Teague as standard procedure for any deadly crash.

Teague was charged with:

  • two counts of resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, Level 3 felony;
  • two counts of reckless homicide using a vehicle, Level 5 felony;
  • resisting law enforcement using a vehicle and causing serious bodily injury, Level 5 felony;
  • three counts of resisting law enforcement causing bodily injury, Level 6 felony;
  • unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, Level 4 felony.

An initial hearing has not been scheduled.