FISHERS, Ind. – A 23-year-old Indianapolis man was arrested, accused in connection to a string of vehicle break-ins and thefts over the weekend in Fishers, plus at least one case in Noblesville.

Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, the Fishers Police Department said it responded to a 911 call from someone on Timberlane Drive, who reported seeing several males acting suspiciously, walking up to cars and houses, and said they were accompanied by a white Chevrolet car.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Fishers police were aware of the same type of call dispatched the previous night in Noblesville, where the suspect vehicle was also described as a white car.

Documents show that police found two men and a vehicle matching the suspects’ description at an intersection near Charleston Parkway and Jamestown South Drive. When officers approached, two suspects reportedly jumped in the vehicle and took off from officers, who pursued and tried to initiate a traffic stop.

The probable cause affidavit shows that the suspect vehicle continued on Hague Road, crossing intersections at speeds of approximately 100 miles per hour. Eventually, the pursuit came to an end when police said the suspect vehicle hit a curb and wrecked in a ditch near E. 82nd Street and I-69 South.

Three people got out of the car, police said, and ran off. Police were able to capture one of them, later identified as 23-year-old Joshua Morillo of Indianapolis.

Court records show that Morillo has been charged with 12 counts of theft, one count of theft where value of property is between $750 & $50,000, and 18 counts of unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, among other charges.

According to court documents, the wrecked vehicle that led police on a pursuit belongs to Morillo. He told investigators the white Chevrolet Impala is his, but he denied driving it. He told police he was in the back seat of the vehicle.

When police were able to search the vehicle, court records show that several items belonging to victims of recent thefts were recovered. Among those items were a USPS priority mail box, credit cards, Apple AirPod Pros, several keys to vehicles that had been stolen, cash, phone chargers, and a portable tire inflator.

Police said they were able to identify 18 victims who had their vehicles rummaged through, including at least 12 who had items stolen. They were able to reunite the property with the rightful owners. Several vehicle owners reported their cars had been gone through, but that no items were stolen.

One of those victims, who only wanted FOX59 to identify him by his first name, said he came out to his vehicle Sunday to go to church, when he realized that someone had been inside.

“I actually get in and grab my glasses that were on my seat, and I thought that was weird, my wife must’ve needed to get in my car,” said Travis. “I look over, my glove box is open, that dread just hits ya. I checked the backseat to see my laptop bag, which I left in my car, and sure enough it was gone.”

Travis said he is always careful about locking both vehicles, but Saturday night, he was distracted and later realized he unfortunately became a victim of theft.

“Every night we normally lock the cars as we go up to bed and we just had a sick dog that night, and I actually carried him upstairs and I skipped my routine. It’s just that, you know, that dread that someone was in your property and that was pretty tough,” said Travis.

“When the officer came out, he said ‘More than likely we’re going to be able to get your stuff back,’ and I looked at him in disbelief,” he added.

Thankfully, Travis said he was able to be reunited with his belongings, something he never expected to happen when he realized they were gone. He is thankful to a vigilant resident that called 911 and alerted police, and said he is also thankful to the officer who came out to help.

“It was pretty awesome to have a great outcome, because as soon as I saw that laptop bag gone, I thought it was gone forever. The partnership with the people who called, the video of the people, just all of that coming together for a great outcome to make our area safe is really important to us living here,” Travis said.

The man who called police said he didn’t want to be identified, but that he was just doing what he hoped anyone else would do.

“I think everyone should watch out for their neighbors. I really do. It was something I was born and raised with, and I’ve always done it and I always will do it,” the anonymous caller shared with FOX59.

Police were also able to locate property belonging to a victim in Noblesville, who reportedly had about $4,000 worth of items stolen during a theft a couple nights prior. Court documents showed that investigators were able to locate all of the stolen items in the suspect’s vehicle and return them to their owner.

Fishers police are reminding residents not to leave valuables inside their cars. The case remains under investigation and no other arrests have been announced.