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Peter Hutchings was sentenced to serve 75 years in prison after pleading guilty to murder.


INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 5, 2015) – Police have made arrests in the shooting death of an Indianapolis delivery driver.

Mark Miller was shot as he was making a food delivery Tuesday night. Miller’s family is relived that police have made an arrest, but an arrest they told us, doesn’t bring this brother and son back.

Julie Garner had to fight back the tears, “I’m very angry; my son was ripped out from underneath me,” she said.

Peter Hutchings
Peter Hutchings

Her son, 27-year-old Miller was killed Tuesday night making a delivery for the China King restaurant near 21st Street and Mitthoeffer Road on the east side of Indianapolis. He was shot and killed while driving. His car was found lodged in an apartment building nearby.

“It brings closure, I mean it really kind of eases my mind that somebody is off the street and maybe another parent doesn’t have to go through this again,” said Garner.

Police arrested 25-year-old Peter Hutchings Thursday and charged him with attempted robbery and the murder of Miller. Hutchings’ 17-year-old girlfriend was also arrested.

“I would like for him to look me dead in the eyes and me be able to tell him what he’s taken away from me,” said Garner.

Hutchings has a history. According to court documents, he was arrested in 2008 for robbery and criminal confinement. He served time, but had some of his sentence suspended.

“He could’ve been locked up but someone else could do the same thing. It happens all the time over there. It happens all the time on the East side, it happens all the time everywhere, just sometimes it happens to you,” said Corey Miller, Miller’s brother.

“We are occurring more than we have in previous years. The violence seems to be more escalated. Just a total disregard for peoples’ lives and property more or less,” said IMPD Homicide Detective Bob Flack.

Miller’s murder is one of 125 in Indy this year. Five shootings in the past 24 hours left three people dead. IMPD homicide detectives say their work is reaching an all-time high.

“It’s just something that we have to deal with on a daily basis and try to do the best we can on each individual investigation,” said Flack.