GREENFIELD, Ind. — A 19-year-old from Bargersville is accused of contributing to youth gun violence in Greenfield by illegally supplying firearms to numerous area teenagers, a police investigation reveals.

Christopher Kantmann is charged with two Level 5 felony counts of dangerous control of a firearm — providing a firearm to a child. Kantmann was out on probation at the time of his Aug. 30 arrest but now is back behind bars in Hancock County where he is being held on a $4,000 bond.

According to court documents, Kantmann’s arrest at the end of August came at the conclusion of an investigation into numerous teenagers being found in possession of firearms in Greenfield.

In one incident referenced in the court documents, four juveniles were pulled over during a traffic stop in Greenfield on June 26. Officers discovered a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old in the vehicle were each carrying a handgun. Investigators concluded the teens were dealing marijuana and were involved in narcotics sales and other criminal activity.

According to the court documents, an investigation into how the teenagers obtained the firearms led to Kantmann. One of the teens reportedly met Kantmann at a Greenfield park where he purchased a handgun along with ammunition magazines, a holster and ammo for $280.

Investigators claim that Kantmann used various Snapchat accounts that incorporated the username “fwtherealplug” to set up firearm sales. A 16-year-old who purchased a gun from Kantmann even told police that Kantmann was aware of his age at the time of the purchase, according to the documents.

Booking photo of Christopher Kantmann (Hancock Co. Sheriff’s Dept)

Investigators looked into Kantmann and learned that he was on probation out of Shelby County for an auto theft that occurred earlier this year. Kantmann was also a known drug user and dealer, according to the court documents, and was connected to a shooting homicide of a juvenile that occurred in Johnson County in 2020.

Officers eventually tailed Kantmann from a probation check-in to an address in Needham where he was staying. Police ended up conducting a probation check on the home due to concerns of narcotic activity and detained Kantmann during a search of the premises.

Investigators noted that Kantmann “was clearly under the influence of narcotics” and exhibited erratic behavior including outbursts and “hysterical crying and screaming.” He reportedly admitted to officers to being addicted to fentanyl and taking “5 to 6 pills in a day.”

Found at the Needham address where Kantmann was staying were multiple Glock handguns and an estimated 236 vape cartridges totaling approximately 420 grams of THC. A large number of fentanyl pills were also found along with mason jars containing hash oil and 3.1 pounds of suspected marijuana.

Kantmann denied selling any firearms or narcotics in the city of Greenfield, according to the court documents. Investigators said Kantmann was “uncooperative and dishonest” with officers during interviews.

Kantmann faces up to six years in prison for his Level 5 felony charges.