NEW WHITELAND, Ind. — Clark-Pleasant schools confirmed police are investigating after a student was found with a gun on an elementary school bus.

The incident happened around 8:45 a.m. Wednesday and the bus was en route to Break-O-Day Elementary School.

A student reported that another student said “they had a gun.”

The situation was immediately reported to the bus driver who got the gun from a student. The suspected male student was immediately taken into custody by school police. Clark-Pleasant police also responded to the scene.

Families of Break-O-Day Elementary School students said they’ve been tense since Wednesday morning.

“That’s my only grandchild,” grandparent Debbie Tharp said. “To think that something like that is happening right here in our neighborhood – it’s very scary.”

The principal of the school was personally contacting every parent of the students on the bus.

Some wonder what could have happened without a school employee’s quick thinking.

“Our bus driver immediately got the handgun that was in the backpack of that student, separated that student and the backpack from the other students,” said Tim Edsell, superintendent at Clark-Pleasant Community School Corporation.

Edsell said the upper elementary student – accused of showing others a gun in his backpack – was detained by Clark-Pleasant police.

It’s partially because of that driver Lacey Ogan says she still feels safe sending her kids to Break-O-Day.

“I don’t have any more fears than what a parent already does when they send their kids to school,” Ogan said.

But not all families feel the same.

“I’m still worried about my granddaughter until she gets home. Until I see that little face,” Tharp said.

Tharp and Ogan hope all families with firearms will keep them locked up and educate their kids about gun safety.

Edsell said he believes the child brought it from home.

“It is very concerning that we have a student that is an elementary-age student that would bring a weapon to school,” said Edsell. “I have my own children just like every parent has their own children that [go] to school here and beyond. So, safety is the utmost priority.”

No age or grade level was provided for the student and the investigation is ongoing.

Clark-Pleasant Police Chief Chad Pryce said he can’t comment on the specifics of this case, but that the department is in contact with the Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office, who will ultimately decide if charges will be filed.  

Neither the school district nor police have confirmed whether the gun was loaded.

According to a statement from the school obtained by FOX59:

We want to thank our staff and students for following the safety protocols. We are also grateful for the assistance of our police department to address this situation quickly. Thanks to our bus driver who took immediate appropriate action to confiscate the weapon.

Clark-Pleasant Community Schools statement to parents