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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 19, 2015) – Police questioned at least three men Thursday in connection with the fatal shooting of an Indianapolis pastor’s wife.

Sources confirmed the developments in the investigation of Amanda Blackburn’s murder.  The three were taken into custody Thursday morning after police served several search warrants at different locations across the city. Two of the men were arrested on unrelated parole violations, an IMPD spokesperson confirmed.

Officers conducted DNA swabs on the three men to potentially connect them to the crime scene.

Police say Blackburn was shot in the head during a home robbery, which detectives later linked to another nearby home break-in.  Sources confirmed Blackburn was sexually assaulted in the attack.

No arrests have been made in the case. Just days after the killing, police quickly ruled her husband, Davey Blackburn, had no part in the killing.

“We don’t have anything to hide. We trust the investigation that’s going on. The detectives have been very gracious to us,” said Davey Blackburn.

Police haven’t released many details about their investigation, although they did release surveillance images of a possible suspect.  Detectives also recovered a handgun just blocks away from the murder scene. Authorities confirmed to FOX59 Thursday a credit card taken from Blackburn’s home had been used at various locations in the city. Police said the transactions began the night Blackburn was shot.

Davey Blackburn remains confident the police department is doing all they can to catch his wife`s killer.

“They’ve assured us that they have the full breadth of resources at their availability. They’ve assured me that they’ve never seen this kind of a blank check that they’ve been given to be able to further the investigation, so we’re really confident and hopeful that very soon, some of these promising leads that they have will turn into being able to find the person or the people who are responsible for this,” said Blackburn.

“These things can`t get wrapped up fast enough. Everyday we`ve been on edge a little bit,” said Ryan McConnell, with the neighborhood watch near Blackburn’s home.

Hearing news that the IMPD took multiple people into custody for questioning is encouraging to neighbors like McConnell, even though no arrests have yet been made.

“We aren`t raising out hands in victory yet, but any progress we`re excited about,” said McConnell. “We hope that the next time we talk to you that we’re talking about arrests actually being made.”

Because no arrests have been made, police once again urge anyone with information on the case to contact Crime Stoppers.