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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metropolitan police officers raided a home Thursday on Indy’s south side and seized tens of thousands of dollars in stolen construction equipment.

SWAT team officers first showed up at the home on Epler Avenue Wednesday afternoon to serve an arrest warrant. The suspect wasn’t home, but officers did locate what they believe to be lots of stolen tools.

Table saws, chainsaws, hand tools and construction equipment of all kinds were taken out of the home and piled into a trailer by IMPD.

“Most of these tools are taken from people who work every day,” said Officer Genae Cook.

Cook estimates the value of the items recovered is between $150,000 and $200,000–amounts that stunned neighbors.

“I had no idea.  I thought he had just a few items,” said neighbor Ben Adams.

Adams said his neighbor actually offered to sell him a miter saw at a significant discount. He’s now glad police got involved to stop the thefts.

“He offered it to me for $200 and it was almost new, but I didn’t know where they came from or anything so I said no,” said Adams.

Scene photo from 3200 block of Epler Ave.

Impound trucks also towed away multiple riding lawn mowers. 

Police say the case started when Southwest District detectives began looking into a series of business burglaries.

“This person burglarized multiple victims and multiple cases will be solved in this situation,” said Cook.

While officers are still inventorying the items seized, anyone who feels they may have been victimized can contact police for information on how to retrieve their stolen items.

“This is actually a really uplifting thing because we’re hoping to get these tools back to their owners, back to the hands they belong in,” said Cook.

Because it’s still an ongoing investigation, police did not release the suspect’s name, but theman does have an active warrant for his arrest.