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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– When Susan Seel started working the overnight shift at the McClure’s convenience store at Lynhurst Drive and Rockville Road on the city’s west side, her mother was not enthused.

“She didn’t like it but she had worked it a couple weeks. They had trouble hiring someone to work that shift so she was working it until they could get someone else,” said Karen Seel. “When she started that shift I said, ‘Don’t do it. I’ll have to stay awake all night praying for you.’ She knew I didn’t want her to but she tried to reassure me by telling me, ‘Usually when stores are robbed they just take the money and leave,’ so that was her attitude as far as I knew.”

That isn’t what happened last Friday at 3 a.m. as newly released surveillance photographs show a male suspect dressed in a hoodie, his face mostly covered, carrying away a cash register drawer as Seel, 52, was dying on the sidewalk outside the store from a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Indianapolis City-County Counselor Jared Evans posted a photo of the victim to his Facebook page.

“I wish he hadn’t been wearing a hoodie and you could clearly see who he was but you can see a little bit of his face and I think that if someone knew him maybe they would recognize him,” said a remarkably composed Seel considering the tragic loss of her daughter and roommate. “I think you’d have to be an evil person. He’s going to have a life of crime if they don’t catch him. Someone that would shoot someone and then go get the money. He’s going to be a dangerous person to be out there.”

Seel said her daughter had been robbed while working as a cashier at a Safeway store in 2012 and at the same McClure’s store June 4.

“She was there one afternoon when two kids came in and robbed it but she was in the cooler and she peeked out and saw they were being robbed so she waited in the cooler until they left,” said Seel.

A Crimestoppers flier describes the suspect dressed in a navy blue sweatshirt with white draw strings and a white Nike Swoosh, black pants and white sneakers and armed with a handgun.

If you recognize the man in the photos, call 317-262-TIPS.