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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are now searching for a killer after a woman was shot and set on fire on Indy’s near west side.

The victim passed away this week after 10 days in the hospital.

In the early morning hours of July 9, in an alley behind Medford avenue, a woman fell victim to the horrendous crime.

“Something was going on here that started this and it all began right here,” explained IMPD officer Genae Cook.

Charred leaves still show where police believe the victim was set on fire.

IMPD officer Genae Cook walked through the scene and explains that some type of accelerant was poured on the woman who ran for help.

“We believe she ran northbound down the alley to the back of a residence and at that point there were shots fired,” said Cook.

The neighbor who lives at that second home confirms gunshots tore into his siding and he heard the victim, who he didn’t know, knocking on his back door while she bled on his step.

The victim, identified by family as Laura Gentry, was rushed to the rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but died 10 days later.

While shootings take place every day in Indianapolis, very few involve a victim being lit on fire.

That’s why police and neighbors don’t think the crime was random.

“Something like that makes it seems there’s a lot of emotion behind it, so detectives are trying to figure out who the victim has been with,” said Cook.

To combat a city wide rise in homicides, IMPD is looking for ways to better connect to witnesses by sharing the names of the detectives working those deaths, in this case Kim Travis and Bob Flack.

Both can be reached at IMPD’s homicide office at 317-327-3475.

“We’re hoping this streamlines information getting to the detective faster,” said Cook. “I know it sounds like we’re repeating ourselves when we say we need the cooperation of the community, but the community is a big part of this because we are in the community.”

In addition to contacting detectives Flack or Travis, anyone with information who wants to remains anonymous can also contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.