SPEEDWAY, Ind. –- Police are searching for two suspects who attacked a 68-year-old man in a parking lot Tuesday morning at the Advanced Auto Parts on Crawfordsville Road.

“Even a simple trip to an auto parts store can turn tragic and that’s what happened today,” said Robin Emerson, the victim’s sister-in-law.

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, Emerson said her brother-in-law, Steve Davis, stopped at the auto store to pick up some parts. He never made it inside.

“He was approached from behind by two people. They asked him for his wallet or money,” Emerson said. “He said no and he was hit from behind.”

Speedway Police said two young male suspects knocked Davis to the ground and kept kicking and beating him.

“I think probably because this man was somewhat older than they were they felt as if they could take advantage of him and were probably angry that he didn’t give them what they asked for,” said Lt. Jim Thiele with the Speedway Police Department.

The suspects took off and didn’t get away with a single dollar.

“These people are cruel. They need caught and they need to go to jail for what they did to him,” Emerson said. “I mean he could’ve lost his life over this.”

Emerson said Davis is a father, a grandfather and that he just recently retired. He is now home after spending hours in the hospital.

“He has several broken ribs and big contusion on his head from the kicks,” Emerson said. “Obviously, he’s very mentally shaken up.”

This attack happened along Crawfordsville Road, which is a busy stretch in Speedway, especially around 8 a.m.

“Someone saw something,” said Emerson.

Emerson said she wants whoever did this to her brother-in-law off the streets before they hurt someone else.

“We just want these people caught and we want them to be accountable for this,” said Emerson.

Police are checking all the nearby businesses for surveillance video. If you were near the 5600 block of Crawfordsville Road around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning and saw anything suspicious, call Speedway Police.