LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. – A police shooting in Lawrence County that killed a man was justified, the prosecutor says.

Lawrence County Prosecutor Samuel C. Arp II said he’s reviewed the Feb. 5 incident involving a Lawrence County sheriff’s deputy and a Mitchell police officer. Arp said the officers’ actions were “appropriate” in the situation.

Anthony Richmond, 29, of West Baden, died after the shooting, which happened around 3:15 a.m. on Feb. 5, 2023.

Deputy Joshua Rhoades and Officer Christian Anderson were both shot during the incident, which started as a traffic stop. After they discovered Richmond was in possession of drugs, they attempted to handcuff him.

But Richmond ran west across State Road 37; Rhoades and Anderson chased after him. They caught up with him, leading to a struggle in which Richmond fired at both officers.

Anderson returned fire, hitting Richmond, who was taken to an area hospital and later died.

Rhoades and Anderson suffered non-life-threatening injuries; a third officer at the scene was unhurt. Officers’ body cameras captured the incident on video.

Indiana State Police investigated the shooting and turned over their report to the Lawrence County Prosecutor’s Office on March 28.

From Prosecutor Arp’s conclusion:

“After reviewing all of the evidence in this case, I have determined that the police action shooting was justified and that the officers’ actions were appropriate given the situation.”

Arp said he’s authorized the release of body camera footage related to the shooting.