INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD is currently investigating a shooting near JD’s Pub on Indy’s northwest side that led to a fatal vehicle crash and the closure of the pub for the foreseeable future.

The shooting occurred on the premises of JD’s Pub, critically injuring one female. The victim and three others then sped off in a vehicle to transport the victim to the hospital and hit a light pole. The vehicle then sped off again towards the hospital, lost control going southbound on I-65 near the 116 MM, and swerved into a ditch as a result of the speeding.

Paramedics then arrived to the site of the crash to transport all passengers to the hospital. The shooting victim was pronounced deceased upon arrival to the hospital. The three other passengers’ conditions are unknown at this time.

As of 7:30 p.m. Saturday, JD’s Pub is closed for an indefinite time. According to a Tweet from IMPD’s Kendale Adams, the Pike Township Fire Department and IMPD Nuisance Abatement Unit issued a closure order Saturday that prevents further operations of JD’s Pub for the foreseeable future.

We are working to gather more information and will update as soon as possible.