PUTNAM COUNTY — Putnam County Deputies conducted an animal welfare check in the southwestern part of Putnam County Friday where they found animals in poor condition.

Deputies said they seized 32 German shepherds and 1 Rottweiler that were found in “deplorable condition”. Dr. Jason Huff with West Central Veterinary Services was called on scene and took three of the dogs who were in the worst condition. He is currently trying his hardest to save them. Putnam County Sheriff’s Office wants the public to know that Dr. Huff graciously donated his time and funding to help try to save these animals.

According to police, the dogs are doing much better. Many of the dogs were taken to Indiana GSD & Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. for foster care.

James and Julia Gray, the owners of the property where the animals were found, now have charges filed against them.

The two are facing several counts of animal cruelty. They are expected in court for their first initial hearing October 5.

Like many shelters, local Putnam County shelters are at max capacity, or nearing capacity. Putnam County Animal Care and Control are asking the public’s help in gathering needed supplies for these animals and others. They need kennels to temporarily house the dogs at the shelter.

They are also asking for food and supply donations.

If you have the ability to donate a kennel, please contact Tammy Eastham at putnamcoanimalcare@gmail.com.